Thursday, February 8, 2007

Danger: Boys being Stalky again

Now, this is interesting. Via the Dr. Helen blog, discussion of an article in Britain's online Daily Telegraph titled "Danger: Boys Having Fun" about a bestselling boys book (boys today reading at all is an arresting fact in itself) called The Dangerous Book for Boys that encourages boys to, in effect, be Stalky.
The cover of the book is a reinvocation of the "Boys Own" papers that Kipling's Stalky & Co. directly inspired, and this list from the book's authors of what every boy should have on hand makes the stalkiness unmistakable (especially if you read between the lines of the explanations, as I did & noted in just a couple of the places):
    • Compass - your trusty guide
    • Swiss Army knife - removes splinters
    • Handkerchief - doubles as a sling [& sling-shot, SO.]
    • Magnifying glass - look at small things, start a campfire
    • A marble - big one, for luck [& slingshot, SO.]
    • Needle and thread - to sew up wounds, mend torn shirt
    • Pencil and paper - note down criminals' car numbers
    • Torch - read secret plans by night
    • Fish-hook and thread - add stick and worm and you won't starve
    • Box of matches - dip the tips in wax (it waterproofs them)
The book is now being released in North America.

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