Thursday, October 29, 2009

Present-Day Droogs

Only the latest of the derogatory terms by which the English middle- & upper- classes refer to young, unmarried working-class males is "Hoodies". Here are a couple of articles from the centre-right (& Blair-ite) tabloid The Sun on a hoodie and a politico. Catch the sense of fear and see the Clockwork-Orangey-ness of the competing government responses to Hoodies. (Bonus points for finding more than two terms of abuse....)
It's perennial for the Lads.

THE gloating yob who pretended to shoot Tory leader David Cameron has today been arrested and charged with possession of cannabis.
Hoodie thug Ryan Florence, 17, yesterday boasted of his life of drugs, guns and crime.
TONY Blair says future generations of yobs like Ryan Florence could be stopped by targeting kids as young as six.
The PM believes cops and social services have a duty to intervene as soon as youngsters start to go off the rails.
Now, the slur "hoodie" obviously refers to the head-cover. But the irony -- if that is the right term -- is that Lads only started wearing hoodies 'up' in public when the Labour government blanketed major cities with surveillance cameras 24/7 as a modernised 'New Labour' response to droog-ism.

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